It is never too late to break records !

by Angie on

Robert Marchand, a 105 year old man from France, has shown the world that you can break records at any age!  Marchand has set a new one hour cycling record for his age by pedaling 22.547 km in the national velodrome situated in the west of Paris. By comparison, the one-hour world record is 54.526 km, set by British Tour de France winner and multiple Olympic gold medalist Bradley Wiggins.

Boy! What a fete!

Robert Marchand is really inspirational to all and the same time puts most of us to shame. He has shown that you can achieve anything, in any age, as long as you work at it consistently.

I am in my 40’s and I can’t even cycle to save my life! Living behind the excuse of my achy back or bad knee or this is for the younger folk and not for someone like me. Sounds familiar? How many of us live within our own boundaries or comfort zone? I call this self imprisonment based on the opinions of the masses. Sounds harsh,but it is the reality that we do to ourselves and to our senior citizens.

Think of the times that we have stopped or stifled our parent’s dream of doing something because they were old or too sick to do it? We give the excuse that they are not physically capable and we let our genuine concerns for them to imprison them within our safety walls. I am guilty of this as well. We never ever stop to think that they are adults reliving their childhood again. Just like how we encourage our kids to do the best that they can in their chosen hobbies or activities, we should encourage our “golden kids” to do the same.

How can you help?

It doesn’t have to be breaking a cycling record like Marchand. It can be anything that our elderly folks enjoy. Check out your local community area for new classes to enroll in. Be it painting, dancing, writing, cooking, knitting, travelling or even mountain climbing (for the fittest among them), we should encourage them and motivate them to look forward to something that they enjoy. Remember, that they were here before us and made certain sacrifices in order for their kids (us) to be who we became. It is time for them to do and enjoy things that they love now. By doing things that they love, they will stay active and be less depressed and frustrated. At the same time, they can make friends which will curb their loneliness. Hey, you know what, perhaps you can also join them in their hobby – a fun activity together, something both of you can look forward to. 

As for Robert Marchand, he is moving forward, looking to break another record when he is a 110. In the meantime, he has thrown the challenge out there to any 100 year old to break his record.

Are you up to it ? 🙂

What are some of the activities that your elderly folks enjoy? Please feel free to share them below in the comment box. I would love to hear from you.

Written by: Angie

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