Diet & Nutrition

Diet & Nutrition for Senior Care
When it comes to elderly care or geriatric care, the number one concern is always the appropriate diet and the correct amount of nutrition of those who are in their golden years.

Portion sizing for every meal also changes. When we say they are in their second childhood, it is literally so.
Frequent meal times, the right portion size and the desirable amount of nutrition is key in managing their meal times.

This page addresses specific diets for the specific disease or ailments that your loved ones may be facing. For instance, a stroke patient would require a diet low in sodium (salt) and filled with more protein and minerals rather than a meal which is loaded with carbohydrate. I will be sharing a glimpse of what a general food planner would look like and some simple recipes which would get them eating with a smile. Hey, our golden “babies” can be real picky with their food.

Most suggestions here are based on an Asian diet and palate. Please use them as a guide for your loved ones. If you have any suggestions or any recipes to share, please feel free to email them to me.

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