Celebrity tips for caring for your aging parents

by Angie on

Nothing will ever prepare you when the time comes to caring for your parents. I used to think that it wouldn’t be so hard.

Boy! Was I so wrong!

It takes a toll on you from many different aspects : financially, emotionally, physically and mentally. Your parents will turn into “children” that you need to parent and this I speak from my own experience.

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No one really can escape from being a caregiver and before you think that this is something that the rich and famous would never need to deal with, think again. Amy Grant, a famous American singer, also had to face the reality of being a caregiver for her ageing parents. I would like to share with you her story and some tips shared by Amy Grant , herself, that may give you some insight into preparing yourself as a caregiver.

If you are already a caregiver, please do view this video as well. You are NOT alone. Draw strength and comfort from her sharing , to keep going at it. It is certainly not easy. Remember, you are doing the best for them.

Enjoy the video! If you feel that this video or my personal story can be of help to someone that you know who has just become a caregiver, please do share this post with them.

Written by: Angie

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