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What is elderly abuse?

by Angie on

Abuse…, What’s the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the word? An image of a kid being sexually abused or physically tortured? A husband hitting his wife violently which leaves her with some broken ribs and bruises everywhere? Yes, those are abuses and a crime against humanity, in my personal opinion.  What I would like to highlight, to you, is about a common abuse that may not have crossed your mind…the abuse on the elderly.

Nothing is more fulfilling than taking care of your own parents when they are ill. It is a time for bonding and also self discovery of your own strengths. However, your strengths will reach its limit.Your parents’ health could deteriorate in which you will need professional help to care for them 24/7. Deep down, you know that a nursing home is the answer but you hesitate to look for one.

“How can I do this to them? How can I send them to a home? I would break their heart. What would people think? That I am an ungrateful child?”

Let me tell you something from my own experience…

Time flies and without you realizing it, you are now an adult working and building your young family. Everything is going on well and in your equation of life, your parents will live long and healthy. They will never be a bother in your life. In their golden years, they will be traveling the world and living the comfortable retired life.

You wake up from your idealist world and stare into reality. There sit your parents who can hardly help themselves or remember their own name, reality hits you. The role has reversed. You are now the “parent” (caregiver) and your parent, the “child”.