Aging and cholesterol

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There are many factors that affect your capacity to reduce cholesterol. Not all of them are directly under your control. Age is one of those factors that affect the levels of cholesterol and of which we have no control at all. However, with a healthy diet and regular exercise, even elderly people can reduce cholesterolclinical-examination-1698837_1280

Men and women suffer the increase of cholesterol at different biological periods. Women in general experience a decrease in cholesterol before reaching menopause. Women with a family history of high cholesterol are generally bound to present with high levels of cholesterol. As the biological age on women increases, so does their cholesterol. Then, at the age of 60, most women have similar levels of cholesterol to those of their male counterparts. Finally, women between 65 and 70 years old have generally lower cholesterol levels that men the same age.

The GH (growth hormone) is released by the pituitary gland, even in adults who are done growing. A short burst of about 20 seconds is released every night, while we sleep. As we get older, the amount of GH decreases, and this has an impact on our levels of cholesterol. The GH can reduce an amount of low density lipoproteins (LDL) or bad cholesterol. With a lower amount of the GH on our bodies, the levels of cholesterol tend to increase with age.

Is medication the ONLY answer to lowering your cholesterol?


You can combat it naturally by eating healthy and having regular exercise. These habits are especially important when it comes to maintaining your vitality and to keep your cholesterol levels as low as possible. If you are concerned about your cholesterol, it is important to have a diet both low on fat and cholesterol.

You can lower your cholesterol without using prescriptions


revert the impact of aging on cholesterol.


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